Wykes Engineering continually look to provide solutions to a range of industries. Using our own technical engineering team, Wykes have developed a unique solar panel mounting system.

We have not only designed this system for the rapidly expanding solar market but have manufactured, project managed and installed a total of 60MW of installed capacity on one site making it one of the largest solar parks within the UK.

Our high strength durable ground mounted system boasts maximised post centres for minimal ground disruption.

As site ground conditions are rarely perfect, the system easily accommodates vast undulations and with its piled single leg design requiring no concrete foundation ensures quick installation.The frame installation requires minimal tooling for its bolted design allowing large solar projects to be constructed effectively.

Image of solar panel installed by Wykes

What we can offer you

Not only are our systems designed to BS EN Eurocodes, we can offer you complete technical support as well as a completely customised solution from our in-house design team.

You can rely on us no matter what the size of your project is.

Approvals & Standards

The system is designed BS EN Eurocodes and is suitable for high wind loads with generous safety factors applied.


Complete technical support can be provide throughout your project no matter how large or small.

Customised Solutions

Our technical design team can produce customised designs to suit planning constraints, ground conditions and customer requirements.